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Contact Form: Send to Different Emails Based on Select/Dropdown Field Value


I have built a contact form that includes the Select Field Input with different Choices (as Required, with no ability to Allow Multiple selection). Is there a way in Webflow to have a condition in place where if a certain Choice is selected, it will be sent to a different email, than if another choice is selected? For example. the User selects Marketing Department and it triggers for an email to be sent to Marketing’s email, v.s General Inquiries email, etc.

If this is not possible with Webflow, would anyone recommend looking into other 3rd party solutions or scripts that can provide this type of feature for contact forms? I saw Zapier as a possible solution but have not used it before.

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There are several ways you can do this.

  1. Show different forms using interations based on the dropdown selection. Each form is set to notify a different email address.

  2. Set the form to notify NO email address, but connect the form to Zapier. Zapier sends an email notification to the email address in the dropdown field.

  3. Set notifications to an email address, which then forwards to different emails based on Filters/Actions.


Hi samliew,

We tried Option #3, and the issue we face with this option is that Outlook doesn’t support filtering based on the Body copy text, only Subject line text. The data of what field is selected is recorded in the body of the email upon form submission using the {{formData}} variable. So, filtering will not be possible for us in this case with Outlook as our company email service provider.

I’m currently looking into your suggestion with Option #1, however, I have some questions in that regard. Our current form was created with a Select Field element attached. Would I have to switch over to a Dropdown Selection element instead? I created one on top of it temporarily. Also, how would this connect with the interactions for hide/displaying? Here is a preview link:

If you have any examples of this being done elsewhere, that would be helpful too in terms of visualizing how it’s done.


#2 is the forum’s most popular option at the moment, perhaps you can explore this.

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