Contact form with multiple departments, routing email based on department selection

Hi, So I have this contact form on our contact us page, we want to add a dropdown menu with different departments, i.e Sales, Demo, Info, etc, and if a user fills out a form and select a specific department, we want the email to sent on the specific department, each department has their own email address, so how can we set multiple emails on submit?

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Yes you can do that, use a 3rd party handler for your form submissions, and a routing table to handle the notifications properly. is a good choice for this if you use its webhooks directly ( and not the Webflow trigger event )

You can even create your pick list with the emails as the select item values so that everything is self-contained in the form.

Note, a better solution than email is to use a basic lead-management system like Pipedrive, and then new leads will go directly into the right resolution workflow ( support, sales, etc. )

You can also archive this by using webflow logic.

Just join the free beta on this page: Workflow automation powered by Webflow Logic | Webflow

They explain your example on the landingpage as well (3rd Section)

It takes about 1-3 days for them to accept you to the beta program.

Hope this helps

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Thanks so much, can you explain a bit about how to do it, I have no experience with codes or integrations

Thanks Julian, I have submitted my application for bet, let see.

If you’re wanting to build a proper solution for this, it’s fairly involved.
I do micro-consulting if you need help building this.

If you really decide to go the email approach, you need three things-

  1. Decide on a way to translate the department selection to an email address.
  2. Automation to handle the form submission, log the lead, and assemble the details needed for the email. For this purpose, I’d recommend, however if you already use another automation platform like Zapier, go with that.
  3. A transactional email provider, to actually send the email. I’d recommend MailJet.

Again though, unless the client’s demanding it, I much prefer to use a non-email approach for leads. Discuss with them whether they use a lead management system like SalesForce, PipeDrive, or Nutshell. That’s a much better and safer place for this information to go.

Email comes with a fair bit of setup work, so you’ll need the client to add some DNS records to the sending domain ( or you can send them from your domain ).

Note that if you want a quick and dirty solution, and aren’t too worried about reliability or professional-looking emails, you might be able to do this with your inbox’s email filtering rules. Use the standard Webflow form alerts, sent to a single email inbox on a service like Gmail. Then setup email filtering rules that forward the email based on the content.

Thanks everybody, I have found a solution, it’s autocode integration
working just fine.

True that this is easily achievable with Webflow Logic

I’m surprised how it seems like so many people are going with third party solutions instead and not talking more about this native solution.