Simple question about allowing others to edit

Hopefully this will be easy to answer. I would like to create a new website with Webflow using templates etc. that would allow another individual to edit it using their own web editor of their choice. Is this possible?

Hey @Brunoyouknow

This is possible to do with cms :smile:

If you would link to know more about cms check this out:


Thanks. I see that others would be able to edit, but it appears that another individual would be editing using the Webflow mechanisms. If I have a marketing firm that wants to tweak the site, they will want to edit it using the traditional software they use and not have to “learn” something new. I am guessing they will want more flexibility in design using their software and coding. Am I misunderstanding the CMS?

Yes you are right cms has its own software but it has little to none of a learning curve plus it still does not have whitelabel functionality so it might not be the best option for you currently :frowning:


One of the option: you export code and host site on server that you want with domen that you have. Then implement whatever CMS (editor app) you want. Just note: in this situation you will be not able to create dynamic site in Webflow. I mean, you can create, but only static part can be exported.


@Brunoyouknow you can test out the CMS by choosing a free CMS template and then in the site settings click on the CMS button in the top bar.

There is no learning curve once you get there. Editing content is very simple.

I appreciate the advice and direction. Regarding exporting and then having someone edit the page with their own editor. This would work, but if I decide to add something or edit something, will I overwrite the changes? I also don’t think I can import those changes someone else would make.
It is tough. I either turn it over to them and have them build a site for $5000, and they are free to edit it at will, or do it myself, but get hamstrung if I want to use a program that I can master more easily.

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