Is it possible to make a client dashboard site capable of editing CMS in the public facing site?

Hey everyone,

I’m very new as a designer to webflow. So, I apologize if this is redundant but I can’t find even a yes or no answer anywhere.

I’m creating a site for a client, and want to include a client dashboard where they can upload new content via a form that would update the CMS of the main site. I’ve been searching for weeks for means to do so. I thought that purchasing a dashboard template might lead to discovering an option to link two sites in such a way, but no dice.

Is this even possible to accomplish? And, if it is, would anyone know how?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Winsted Citizen

Webflow has an editor built in for clients. With the CMS plan, you can invite up to 3 “editors”, and they’ll have full CMS editing abilities as well.

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Welcome to the community @Alan_Nero :wave:

If you want an alternative to what @memetican mentioned, you can look into Webflow Logic as allows adding, editing, and removing CMS collection items via form submissions:

It’s currently in Beta but it should be able to handle some basic updating without your client needing to login to the Editor :+1:

Thank you Michael! I appreciate your help.

Thank you, Mike! I’m going to check this out now!

Welcome @Alan_Nero :wave:

You’ve already got a lot of great suggestions in here, but let’s add one more to the plate :smile:

I like to use Memberstack for this.

Here’s are a couple of screencasts walking through something similar to your ask. While a bit out of date, it should give you some good ideas and direction if interested:

If your client is concerned about exposing data, you can simply serve up the content via the Memberstack API:

Good luck!

Hi @Alan_Nero and welcome to the Webflow Community.

I have encountered this request before from a client and was able to configure a solution without giving users full Webflow Editor access to options such as eCommerce and CMS info as the client only wanted basic CMS interaction (adding blog posts).

I used to gather form submission info.

Setup a zap within Zapier to look for new submissions to getForm which then creates an entry to an Airtable worskspace.

Setup a scenario within (Integromat) which looks for new Airtable entries and then creates a new CMS item to a specific collection within Webflow.

This is a no-cost solution, however this process can be configured within just Zapier or Make (Integromat) alone but requires a pro subscription.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @ChrisDrit! I’m going to take a look at this right now.

Thanks @WisdomainUK! This sounds exactly like what I was thinking about. I’m checking out all the great options that people have been so generous with offering, but this one is next up. Thanks again!

No worries @Alan_Nero glad it helps. Just be careful with the “operations” limit on Make (Integromat), you get 1000 free a month so make sure you change the schedule of your scenario to run say every hour or maybe just once a day, otherwise it’s auto set to every 15 minutes and if you know your client isn’t constantly adding CMS items then these are wasting operations/runs and will quickly run out.

Hey @Alan_Nero !

Check out this free CRM template which does exactly what you described.

In this example, the cms items are filtered by member, but you can easily remove that feature :slight_smile:

Hey @Alan_Nero !

I think a simpler (and more cost effective) alternative might be to :

-Set a password on your client’s dashboard page (that way you don’t need to use Memberstack),
-Set the Webflow form action to send the data directly to a custom Make Webhook, which will be your scenario trigger,
-Then create the CMS item in Webflow from your Make scenario, and maybe also sync it with an Airtable Base.

That way the CMS items will be created (almost) instantly after the form is submitted, and you won’t be wasting operations by periodically checking for new entries (making it easier to stay within the 1000 ops of the free plan).

Be mindful though that your client might post something with an error or a duplicate, so you might also want to give them an option to instantly update or delete existing CMS items as well. This is why I always add Airtable into the mix, with buttons & webhooks to Update or Delete any entry instantly.

In fact, most of my CMS clients don’t even know that the Webflow Editor exists, as they can already manage everything from Airtable and never need to open Webflow :sweat_smile:
(And this also helps making sure they don’t break anything in Webflow)

Hope this helps !