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Ability for our clients to add content dynamically

Hello webflow team!

Love the potential of this tool, absolutely brilliant concept.

I’m on the verge of signing up to the personal plan, however I’m still unsure as to whether it can provide the facility that I’m looking for within my business.

At the moment, I’m using the drupal CMS to design websites for my clients. As you are aware, drupal has the ability to create accounts for admins and users. My business relies on creating accounts for my clients, allowing them the ability to log in and create or edit any content. However, I only restrict them to use the necessary add/edit functions within drupal to avoid any confusion as most of my clients like things simple and straight forward.

Now onto my real question. Webflow provides me the ability to create content and design my clients’ websites to suit their needs. I intend to use webflow hosting to host their websites as well. However, I would like them to be able to edit and possibly add their own content (once webflow adds the functionality for a CMS). The only thing is, I wouldn’t want them to see all the features of webflow, because that would just completely confuse the heck out of them.

Is there a way to restrict editing for clients, such that all they can do is add or edit text and images?

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Currently there is no way to limit what features your clients see. As it stands you will have to create the site and transfer it to your clients account or keep it on your account and edit the site for your client. Or export the site and use the design in the CMS of your choice. I use modx because all i needed to know to start useing it was the basics of html and css.

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Great question jmak!
David, I’m also interested in hosting through webflow because of the convenience and faster loading times, but I’m not sure how to handle invoicing my client’s for the monthly hosting fee. Is it standard practice for the designer to bill the customer monthly rather than have webflow bill directly? I’d rather not have the extra step of creating a webflow account for them and risk them breaking the site. Also, call me selfish, but I like to share webflow with friends and colleagues, not necessarily my clients… Any advice on handling this?


Many people keep their client sites on their accounts and charge a monthly fee for hosting and updating content. In some cases the client might already have a Webflow account, in which case you would transfer the site to them.

I never hide the fact that I am using Webflow for the design or hosting from clients. To me Webflow is just a tool like Photoshop and I couldn’t imagine trying to hide the fact that I use Photoshop in my workflow.

If in the end they go off and try and make their own site that’s fine, we probably wouldn’t have been the right fit for each other. Chances are they will get stuck or run out of time and will come back to me for help, because I didn’t give them the run around at the beginning about your process.

For me I have to remember that I’m providing a service not a product. Webflow is a great tool but it doesn’t do all the hard thinking and strategising that goes into a successful websites, that’s our jobs as web professionals.


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