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Build site with CMS feature, but convert to static on export; possible?

Just a quick question.

Is it possible to design a site with placeholder/temporary copy, mark it as editable so a client can add it in (still while in development on the *, then, once all content is finalised, revert back to static elements and publish as a normal website; sans CMS cost?

I’m sure someone has already asked this, but I can’t find it.



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To add a content editor you need to upgrade to cms hosting even without a custom domain. So think that wouldn’t work. Would be a feature if that works.

But making an element editable is something you can turn on and off, right? And it doesn’t cost anything to use the CMS functionality if you stay with *… Confusing

I agree @Marxamus. The ability to use the CMS’s capabilities to build would be awesome. I don’t even need the content editor necessarily, I’d just like to be able to use all those new features and then export my site. That was my whole hope with the new features. Bummer!


Faced the same issue. No one announced that “Unlimited code export” comes with NO DYNAMIC DATA (until you do export) nor dynamic generated content exported as static items.


This is why I don’t see myself ever using the CMS and it makes me sad.


How do you guys expect exporting would work with dynamic data? It would convert all the dynamic data into pure static content?

But making an element editable is something you can turn on and off, right? And it doesn’t cost anything to use the CMS functionality if you stay with *…

@Marxamus That’s correct! But if you want to invite a client to edit content you’ll have to purchase CMS hosting.

Cool. Good to know. Thanks, @thesergie!

Exactly as you say. Collections and templates are very useful for creating similar items, i.e. catalog. Though I don’t know wether it is technically possible.


[quote=“thesergie, post:7, topic:20280, full:true”]
How do you guys expect exporting would work with dynamic data? It would convert all the dynamic data into pure static content? [/quote]

That’s exactly what I’d love to be able to do! Some of my clients want the functionality of the features included in the CMS, like the ability to blog, but we can update statically and don’t necessarily need dynamic data.


yeah this would be really helpful - its really frustating that you dont allow it.


+1 exporting to static content would be awesome


My example for wanting this is: if the clients don’t need or care for a CMS because they are not computer literate or don’t want to bother, they just want you to update their blog / add a blog post once every couple of months etc… if you would allow export of the site that we build using the dynamic tools, as a static site, then we can host our static site as we please, and we don’t have to have the pain of updating headlines/links in several different places…

also i might not want a cms, just want to quickly build out a blog like static site, the dynamic features are so useful for that, but to be forced to then host with webflow in order to make good of it then thats annoying.

Also your new templates are all geared toward the database features…

If im generating am affiliate marketing site for myself for example - i may not even update it for a year, i might just write lots of articles etc… i dont want to pay $10 USD - a month, i just want to build it and export it the html and host it myself on my server.

If frustrating because the tools are there, but you dont allow the export? At least if you are going to charge for clients to use the CMS please let us use the dynamic features that are there - let us capture the static version for export?

I am in Australia and the dollar is not great either… and not getting better.

I am going to be forced to use another cms or just do things the long way.

As for the CMS - there is no way I want my clients seeing “webflow CMS” if they were to use it. They will look it up and then I am restricted to what I charge them - clients don’t realise you charge extra for the support, the emails the phone calls advice, they will just want to be charged the cheapest and have their own webflow account - then probably still call me up and expect help!

I waited for months for this feature, assuming it would be included (im already paying something like 60USD a month to webflow just to do my front end designs and host maybe two domains) its not cheap - I assumed you would release this to the people who are already on your top plans?

I am a micro-business - these costs are prohibitive.

I will have to compartmentalise webflow as purely a front end development tool ONLY and stick to my original plan of creating the template, exporting, plugging in my cms and building my sites like that. Then when i want to change something graphically, may have to re-skin my cms site. Time consuming.

that is all :slight_smile:


Hey Sergie!

I know this post is quite old, but I’m still really looking forward for dynamic data export!
I think that it would be great if collections could be exported as JSON files.
And then the exported code will display dynamic lists via those JSON files…

The only problem in my opinion is regrading the Collection’s Dynamic Pages.
The easiest solution for you guys is to make it possible to export each of the individual collection item’s page.
Meaning that if you have an X amount of items in a collection, you’ll export an X amount of pages.

But you’re Webflow!
You make sure that everything you do is the best, without work arounds.
And that’s why everybody loves you guys!
So I’m sure that your skilled developers can come up with a solution to create Dynamic Collection Pages that pull data from the same JSON files, using some variables to determine which item to pull from the files.
You’ve accomplished such bigger feats!
This is nothing for you guys. (correct me if I’m wrong, I hate it when people underestimate my work, and I’d hate it even more if I would be the one to do so)

Thanks Sergie!

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+1 to Sergie’s suggestion!

Hi all,
I was going through a discussion and need some advice.

Here is an issue: I started to build a website with dynamic content which includes portfolios, services lists, team members etc… I have no will to pay for extra charges for hostings or CMS or anything else (I already pay for a basic plan, just to ba able to create a website).

I have personal cloud hosting and everything I need is to export website that I build in Webflow. Dynamic content will not be changed on a live web, it’s created just for easier website development process.

So questions are:

  1. If I will export website and upload it to a personal hosting provider, will my website show all dynamic content same as I see on *
  2. When my exported website is already live on my own hosting with custom domain and I will remove project from the Weblof dashboard or change plan to a free one, will it affect live website in some way?

To summarize:
I need to make website in the Webflow, check how it looks on *, export it and have it as a static (including all dynamic content) website on my own hosting and with custom domain with zero connection to webflow.



I absolutely agree with you @Oleksiy. Exporting CMS content would help soooo much!

I had a little rant, you might find this interesting -

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Do I understand it right?
You are not able to have a standalone website with dynamic created content? Only if you pay for webflow hosting and CMS features?

You cannot export CMS Data to a static website…yet

Yes, you can have cms features by leaving it on the custom subdomain. If you want, you can display it using iframes from your actual domain that you host elsewhere.

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