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Online Editing Query

Hello Experts,

Firstly, i am a hobbyist and not a professional developer but i like coding and experimenting with web development. I like webflow very much and want to give it a try. My uncle who runs a local parts store, currently have a website that is using wordpress. Its just a portfolio website, single page with pictures of items. Nothing else is shown like price etc, just the pics of items that we add over time. Now we want to move over a proper CMS (please note, no ecommerce, customer cant place order online). He wants to maintain track of pricing etc, but most importantly he should be able to do it easily online. For example if wants to change the picture of an item, or change the price it should be easy.

Can someone comment if this is possible via webflow?

Hey Adnan,
Webflow is Perfect for that.
For start, you can have a free account and only pay for the hosting plan on your specific project’s hosting plan. You can choose from several different plans, which the simplest one is perfect for a budget project that have no eCommerce or dynamic content needs.

One of my favorite things in Webflow is the user interface for ‘clients’ or content editors. You can actually edit text, photos and links in the live website.

It straightforward and simple: