Showcase multiple product varient images at the same time

Hi there,

I’m struggling to wrap my brain around the product variants in a very organized VS sales strategy way. Perhaps someone has a workaround?

Logically, I love the organization and there are so many groupings I want to set up for variants of the same product (for example a print of a specific style, but each print is a slightly different design).

Strategically, I’m struggling because I just can’t rationalize having those super-valuable-to-sales images buried in a dropdown menu. UI needs to flow so they can see them all. Even colored sneakers in the Webflow University page seemed strange to clump under a dropdown.

I do love that I could have additional images for each varient — I have some posters that are on different walls in different decor.

But all these images are like the selling point. Arguably anything’s selling point is primarily visual IMO. But I’ve been hunting around online and can’t seem to find anyone also looking to show more than one varient’s main image at a time.

Anyone understand where my marketing brain is going with this and have a work around?

I’m considering a category that displays them, but that leaves me at a loss for how to add UI that helps users easily identifies that what they are seeing is available to purchase via the dropdown.

In which case, it sort of seems like making a static page with categories and far too much work for the level of automation I’m swimming in, would be my only option that is truly UX/UI friendly.

Am I missing something? Or are variants really this closed off?

If they are I guess they’re basically just for sizes. I’d honestly hesitate even putting different colored clothing (particularly if they are on other models — which all makes the varient extra images seem moot) in a single clothing article type’s product page.

I hope that was coherent. Please let me know if not and I will consult the robot who helps turn asd brain language into something that actually gets responses on a forum, lol. Because, alas, I cannot tell when my brain makes logic jumps that aren’t obvious to readers/listeners.


Happy Thursday and stuff.


Do I want to “nesting” things? Is there some fun attribute solution? Attributes API — I cannot fathom creating 21 product pages for 21 Art Nouveau prints that should really all be together — which then makes me need a section/landing page for them and oy too much. Does not compute.

Example. I would love to have been able to post this art print series as one product with different variants.

Because there are SO MANY MORE I would have then posted. Instead I made only 8 product pages… out of about 60 prints.

Hi @seanivore.
Josh with Foxy here. I see the limitations you’re hitting with Webflow Ecommerce. We recently finished a new variants integration for Foxy + Webflow CMS that supports a lot out of the box:

  • Multiple levels (ie: Size, Color, Format, etc)
  • Only limitation is number of CMS items supported for the plan you’re on
  • Chained logic (ie: chosen color determines what sizes are available)
  • Use a mix of select fields, default radio options, and custom radio options
  • Dynamic radio styling (Control any CSS property with static or CMS data… ie: background image, font color, etc.)
  • Real-time price, image, sku, and weight change/display
  • Per variant combination inventory control
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual

I’d love to get a visual of what you’re trying to do with the variant images displayed. There’s a good chance we already support it or can add needed functionality.

Full details about our Webflow integration can be found here: Would love the opportunity to learn more about your needs and see if we might be a good fit. Happy to hop on a call too. Please reach out if we can be of assistance:


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