Does anyone have a good work around for products with over 50 variants

Hey guys! I might just be dumb, but I can’t figure out a good work around in ecommerce for products with more than 50 variants.

I’m currently building a site for a bakery out of Atlanta and they make high end cakes for big events and weddings. With fancy cakes comes fancy cake flavors, fillings, icings, custom writing, etc.

The only thing I’ve been able to do thus far is create an additional info block at check out and have customers manually type in the flavor they want and the filling they want along with the custom writing. Obviously, this doesn’t work so great because it requires a few extra steps for the user.

This is literally the only problem I’m having and unfortunately, for this specific company, it’s a big one.

So any advice or tips would be super helpful :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

It sounds like a data grouping issue more than an issue with the maximum number of variants. With 3 option sets per product doesn’t that allow all the variation you need? Perhaps the issue is best solved by re-organising your categories with custom fields on your products to accomodate flavours, fillings etc. You can then display most of the relevant information in the checkout since the user would have already selected the right type e.g. chocolate cake, with raspberry filling, large etc. Then the user only needs to fill in the custom writing at checkout.

I’ve created a Webflow product funnel in the past that utilizes multiple products for a conducive checkout. Each concurrent selection affects the products which follow.

so it only allows 3 options with a total of 50 variants. Variants being the total number of possible outcomes when a customer is picking out their product. In other words, it compounds so I dont think it’s a data issue

This might work! I’ve been doing a ton of research and that seems like the only option. I just wish I could have it all on the same page with drop downs. From a UX standpoint it would be so much better

ok quick question though, how did you reference them to effect the order outcome? Basically what I’ve done is created new products with the fillings (i.e the type of cake they want it to be and added the variants, if any, to those fillings), but how do I reference them so that it goes from choosing the cake to choosing the flavor/filling in an assembly line fashion?

@David_Duffee Did you ever find a solution to this?

Hi all.
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