New feature: Sell multiple variants of the same product

Want to sell products with multiple options, like size, color, or style? Now you can.

Now you can sell overpriced t-shirts in multiple colors and sizes.

Just open the detail view for your products in the Designer or Editor, then create a new option set for each dimension that product has.

Create an option set for each dimension (e.g., color, size) your product has.

Once you’ve created your option set, you can add all the variants you want to sell, then set unique thumbnails prices, specs, and inventory for each as needed.

Customize the images and details for each variant.

On your product page, you’ll see a new dropdown element that lets users switch between the different options available for that product.

Note that this is just our first release for variants. Here are some additional features and improvements we’re noodling on:

If you have additional enhancements you’d like to see for variants — or for ecommerce more broadly — go ahead and create an item in our wishlist. Thanks in advance!


Too bad we can’t style the Select-list

I’m just glad this has arrived, I’ve been sitting at a standstill with our eComm store while waiting for variants. I know it will only improve! Time to get to work, thanks team!


Explains why I was scratching my head today working with the API. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! So the dropdown will display on the product page only? We can’t display a product collection including variants as product items can we?

@HammerOz can you be more specific, or point to an example?

If you’re asking whether or not you can display variant selectors within a Collection List, the answer is: yes, you can - the variant dropdown selector will appear if you add an “add to cart” button within the Collection List. More info in our update from a couple weeks back.


Very super great!

atm we can’t upload images, it make the site crash

I noticed a little glitch when the value is on 2 lines:

Hmm, looking into this with the team now.

And thanks for reporting that UI bug :+1:

Hey All,

I’m currently not able to see the Options dropdown in the element list when I’m on the Products template…


Hey @philippe - the options dropdown is included in the Add to Cart element, provided that the product in question has variants set.

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Same problem for me, upload variant image causes crash.

Yep we’ve confirmed it on our end, digging in with the team to pin down what recent changes impacted image uploads in this context. Will update this thread as new information becomes available. Thanks for the patience.

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How can we change the word “Select” on drop down menu ? I build the site in other language than English and want to have “Wybierz Kolor” instead of “Select Kolor” as an initial state.

The other question is, if I can also change the way the price is displayed ? For example here in Poland, we use “123 PLN” format, not “PLN123” which is default in Webflow Ecommerce.


Does anyone know how to do the dynamic images with the variants (like in the first image gif)?

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@jhiggins that functionality is built-in: once you set different images for different variants, the Main image will change as you toggle the variant selector.

@RugbyWebDesign and @vincent the earlier bug around uploading per-variant images should now be all fixed - let me know if you see further issues.

Thanks. That’s a little confusing to me because in cms items the main image is always different from the the other image fields. Also, you have a main image field in products. I wonder if something like “product image” or “dynamic image” might be a better label, just something to not tie it to that static main image in the product.

@jhiggins Gotcha. One thing to note is that once you set variants for a product, the default Main image field becomes inactive/disabled and you then set the Main image on a per-variant basis (instead of setting it as a distinct field on the product level, as opposed to the variant level).

Does that help clarify the confusion?

Gotcha. I’ll check it out and let you know. I can’t really understand unless I try it out:)

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Great stuff, seems to be fine now. :grinning:

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Thank you!

Is is possible to set up more than one image per variant? For example, each variant has 4 different images?

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