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Show content from multireference CMS field

Hey Webflowters

I have mad a simple CMS containing 2 collections. One with cases and one with different tags I am including on the different cases through multireference. This means one case can have up to 10 different tags showed in the CMS in one form-field (multireference) which works fine.

My problem is now, how to show theese different tags on the case page? cant select them from a normal dynamic text-field. Or could I make this in another and better way?



Here is my public share link:

Hi @KimHougaard, I would first suggest to take a look at how multi-reference fields are used in Webflow: https://university.webflow.com/article/multi-reference-field

Next, I would watch a quick video I made:

I hope this helps.

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Thank you very much, now I get it. I have to use the case template page to show them… hmm I was hoping it was possible on a static case page, as we have decided to make the cases as statics pages because this gives us more flexibility to design them individually with specific lists and galleries.

But I guess I will have to hardcode them on the specific case pages then… But is it possible to make a hardcoded link to a case-overview page sending the specific tags via the URL and then showing only cases with that tag?


Hi @KimHougaard, no that is not possible at the moment to pass the tags via the url (natively), the proper way to do it, would be to create a page that lists your different Cases and then when the customer clicks on a Case item, the detail page will load showing all of the Tags for that case.

Then if the customer wants, they can click on one of those Tags items to be taken to the Tags template, where you can setup a page that shows all of the cases by multi-reference tag, where the cases are associated with the tag.

More reference/multireference field updates are coming, but that is how it works at the moment.

Yes that is exactly what I want to… the way you are describing it. I would just like to be able to show the tags regarding af specific case on a static page… like a collection list where I could choose select case where name = Redoffice only and then display the tag-field from this case… but okay no problem, I will try something else. And I do think I could send the parameter through the URL, but offcourse it will have to be to the CMS template page.

But I think I will try the way I am thinking but I still have to get the tags template page working. I have set it up now, but I cant filter the cases on the tags (its not a possible selection) like they show in your link https://university.webflow.com/article/multi-reference-field … what is wrong here?



Hi @KimHougaard, thanks, I am taking a look. On the urls and tags, what I mean’t was that if you pass a tag via a url, it will not do the filtering… You can pass the tag, but nothing will happen natively to filter the cases by the tag you are passing.

I will check out the page and get back to you when I have more info.

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Hello Again - just wanted to follow up on this, and actually I did succeed in passing the tag via a hardcoded URL like I needed and its still filtering - fx.

Video is currently missing or won’t load.

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