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Short-term Team account for project?

Hello, I’m relatively new to webflow, but have completed one full website project for a client, so I have a clue :slight_smile:

I am current negotiating with another potential client who wants to hire two freelancers to work on a webflow site. I know that this is impossible with a single account, so obviously a team account makes a lot of sense. I currently do not have a paid account myself.

I’m wondering if this makes sense, what if the client opens up a Team account, then the other freelancer and myself join the team, work on the project for a month or two, then transfer the site to my account and close down the Team account. I then set up CMS hosting and client billing, and we’re done. The client doesn’t need Designer access, only Editor. Does that make sense, is that the best way to handle this sort of temporary team collaboration project for a client? I’ll probably never see that other freelancer again, this is a one-time project but I will be doing long-term maintenance on the site for the client.

Now if the client actually DOES want full Designer access (we haven’t discussed this), then we’ll need to transfer the site to his Starter account, is that correct? I can’t grant Designer access for specific websites to specific other accounts on my Starter account, even if I upgrade to a Lite plan, is that correct?

Does this all make sense? What is the best way to approach this kind of temp one-time collaboration? TIA!

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