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2 designers working within 1 site?

Hey there.

I’ve looked at the forum topics but can’t find what I need so…

I’m super new to Webflow and will be working with another freelancer on a new site shortly.

We need to both have access to work on the site and wondered how we do this? It will be a full CMS site.

Cheers for any help.

You can either get a team plan or you can simply communicate when each other is logging in. If one or both just need editor access, you get 3 users when you add cms hosting.

This doesn’t seem like a freelance post, more a help post? You aren’t offering a job are you?

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Thanks for the help. Sorry no - not looking for freelance help! My bad…

Definitely not looking for a TEAM account yet - maybe when I’m awesome and have 1000’s of webflow projects!

I don’t think the CMS EDITOR is enough as we both need access to the DESIGNER? How do you suggest to do this?

So when you say we can login individually - does that mean we will only be able to log into that particular project as I don’t want my other designer to have access to all my projects?.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - I keep hearing how great these forums are!

Hi @sassisammi

In terms of login - you are logging into whichever Designer plan (not site) you have - so Free (Starter), Lite, or Pro, or Team.

The only way I can see to limit to just that one site (without venturing into the Team plan options) is to have a separate (from your own plan) Designer plan for you and the freelancer to use and log into.

Two ways to do that:

Starter plan (free with limits - add CMS hosting to unlock limits)
Lite plan (same price as CMS hosting for one site - but gives you 10 projects to work on together - then add hosting on top, when ready)

There is still the limit that only one of you can be logged in at one time though…

Hope that helps


I think we may have to look at the TEAM plan options. Seems like the ‘proper’ way to go about this. As it’s our first site (both newbies) very nervous signing up for things we may not need.

With the team plan, can you have the team plan for any period of time (3 months etc) as long as it takes to develop and publish the site, then drop it back to individual when it’s all done?

Cheers for any help…

Hi @sassisammi

I would explain your plan to the support team and they will advise the best plan/way to achieve what you are looking for. Generally speaking you can change plan on a monthly basis, but i’m not experienced in how the Team plan works / where the project sits if you downgrade etc…

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Thanks so much. Will do!

@sassisammi Hello, I currently use a team plan. I’d recommend switching to a team plan for $84/Month, and setting up and 1 extra base level account under the team plan. Once you are done designing, I know for a fact you can transfer the site to a individual account and downgrade to an appropriate plan. I’ve done this many times. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks soooo much! This sounds like the way to go. I’ll chat to my fellow designer and discuss which of us will create the TEAM account.

Cheers again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Hello Scott,
I# have the same problem as sassisammi. What does that mean:

Does it mean, I have a month (monthly payment) to work with 2 users (I’m Teamleader) and easily go back to my Lite plan after that? Why do I need an extra base level account … don’t get it…?

You would pay for the organizational account + whatever team members you have under that account.

Hi Sassisammi,

I have the exact same dilemma. I’m new to WF and rather hesitant to drop another $70/month as I don’t know yet where this is going for me.

Could you share what solution you ended up with for collaborating with another designer?
That’d be incredibly helpful!

Thank you!