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Webflow plans force transfer: to provide client with designer access & ownership

I am struggling with the design to deployment workflow for sites that are to be transferred.

The client scenario is they want to have designer access and ownership of the site.

I also need the client to be adding content to the CMS while the site is staged. I can’t add them as an editor as I can’t add hosting to a site to be transferred.

If I transfer the site to the client and add hosting, I then have to log into their account to make changes.

It feels like projects need multiple designer accounts and permissions. So a client can own the site, but I can see it in my dashboard (Account type : designer).

How do people manage this situation? I hope I am not missing some features that make my issues redundant (highly likely as I have only been on the platform for a few months).

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Hey HammerOz!

How I do it is to host my clients through Webflow on my account through client billing and for the launch of the site I have them send me all the content for me to design it out initially. Then once it’s launched I add them as an editor. It’s better this way anyway because I want to make sure that the foundational content they give me fits in the design/layout I create.


Thanks for that. My current project had me thinking a bit. That is I liked the idea of building on actual CMS content. Probably not realistic.

And this does not deal with design and ownership of the site as per my original post. Thanks though.

Hi @HammerOz

Is it worth looking at a temporary team account type of setup for this scenario:

@Andrew or @PixelGeek may be able to advise…

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The team plan feature list doesnt list site transfer. I am not sure if team plan is a alternative or an add on.

Hi @HammerOz

My thinking there would be to have the team plan whilst you build, and then when ready to transfer over, both accounts switch - yours to Pro (for transfer) and theirs to whichever suits - even the free/starter account.

Have you run the scenario past ? They are best to advise on the possibilities for specific plans/scenarios.

Also maybe add your comments/votes here:

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