How can a team use webflow?

Hi All,

I have a general question, I have a team

Web Designer 1
Web Designer 2

All working on just one site. How do we share the site and collaborate? Right now I can add 1 CMS user (who can only change text) and thats it. No change control etc. Is this a one person tool?

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Design with your team

Our team plans are perfect for users that work in agencies, companies, or need to collaborate with other Webflow designers. You can share a Webflow dashboard, and each team member can make design changes to the site. You can set up a Team Plan on the dashboard.

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Im on the team plan now, it only allows for 2 users and 100 websites.

I need 5 users and 1 website. Go figure I guess. Still optimised for multi site creators.

Hi @mayhemonger, I can appreciate the need to have collaborators for the site design. I am looking forward to more flexible options on the team plan in the future.

One possibility, is that on the team plan, you can add and remove users from the team, at any time.

One team member may have access to the team site dashboard for a time, then you can remove that team member, and invite the next team member who needs access.

Take a peek at this article, to see if it helps:

Also looking forward to more clarity/better options for team plans in the future. When you can effortlessly move an agency of 5-20 employees over to Webflow, things become a lot simpler. I can see a ton of agencies moving over just to simplify hosting, client previews, and CMS management.

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