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Inviting developer to work on my site without creating Team

I have hired a freelance developer on UpWork to do a few hours worth of custom code on my WebFlow site.

Unfortunately, to give the developer access it appears that I need to create a Team for $70/month (I mistakenly assumed that upgrading to the CMS plan would allow me to add collaborators who would be able to edit the design and code).

Does anyone know a way to allow the developer access to my site without giving them access to my account/billing settings?

If I give the developer access to my personal login details, what is the worse damage they can do?


The worst would be to delete all your webflow sites? :smiley:

Has the developer ever posted in the Webflow forum? I would want some idea of the person’s reputation. Do you have references for the developer?

I have a contract with him through where he also has references.

I trust him not to do anything obvious like delete the site.

Just want to make sure i’m not making myself vulnerable to anything regarding my personal information.

@alittle116 I’d recommend exporting the code to your site and sending that code over to the developer to work with. Once he or she is done, you can simply add the custom code they added into the site on Webflow.

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I’ve had clients who don’t want to open a Team plan and share their login with me instead, in the past. It works (so long as they don’t login to Webflow at the same time and it kicks me out – annoying). But I much prefer the Team method.

It’s not against Webflow ToS to give him your username/password to your main account but that comes with a lot of risks: Not only could he delete all of your sites, but he could also bill hundreds of dollars worth of Webflow services (hosting, Team plan with 20 members, etc) to your account. (which you couldn’t chargeback through your credit card because “you” authorized them by sharing your login).

Technically the Team plan is the only reasonable option here. Then you can control exactly what sites the developer accesses and also see when he is actively publishing the website.

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@nderic @alittle116 unfortunately the team plans still have no access restrictions either at present (wishlist item in backlog

At present any member of a team plan still has unrestricted access to any and all sites within a team account.

Hi @alittle116

Would you be able to transfer the site to his account, and then him transfer it back again once the dev work is done? Presumably you’ve contacted the folks to see if they have any workaround we’ve not thought of?

I assume it would be possible to briefly upgrade to a Team plan whilst the work is carried out, and then downgrade afterwards - could you confirm @cyberdave ?

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