Sharing/copying pages, elements, symbols, components, etc across projects

Is there a way to take a contact page from one project and either import it into a new project or copy the page’s code and then go into another project and paste it into a blank page? First way sounds most doable?

-or- even one div / section on one page to another page in the same site, as opposed to coping the whole page and then deleting what you don’t need.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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Hi @clickryan, at the moment, there is not a way to copy from one project to another, but we are working on ways to improve this for future releases and how assets are handled etc. You can try the embed widget and see how it works for you and experiment with using embedded html. Likely depending on your design, will determine how well that approach works for you.

If you are trying to share design elements within the same site, you can create a Symbol that can be shared between pages. Here is some information about Symbols:

I hope that helps ! We are working on these kinds of updates… Cheers Dave

thats a great start Dave, any ETA on when sharing across projects may be in a future release?

#keepUPtheGOODwork :wink:

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Hi @clickryan, thanks for the kind sentiment… we love working for you :smile:

ETA on sharing across projects?, well not really, that is to say, we are working on including that kind of functionality in new updates. If anything, one who knows anything about Webflow, there is no shortage of updates :smile: We have heard and we have listened and you can look forward to the future updates, to address this :smile:

Cheers, Dave

Any update on copying elements from one site to another?

I just signed up and plan to move a number of my websites here - which means I need to re-create them (since Webflow doesn’t allow import). But there are common elements that I use (Nav Bar, particular sections / containers, etc) and want to copy from one site to another - how can I do this?

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Yes, any ETA? This would be very helpful to me as well.

I would also really appreciate this feature right now…

Couldn’t you build your own template?

Hi @chrisgreer33 , sorry we still do not have an ETA to share for this. We know however that this is a much requested feature. We want to get this added also :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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I’m missing a way to make a kind of library to be reused, some blocks takes time to get then right and I want to reuse then on other pages/projects.

I’ve tried to copy from one browser tab/project to another tab/project but nothing happen.

The idea is that we can have a project that is used to store snippets/blocks of common custom elements and then copy/paste on new projects and customize then.

Are there any plans to have something like this ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback !

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I :heart: this idea. Often certain elements will be time-consuming to make and the ability to copy/paste to another project would be brilliant.

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I detailed the same point here.

I think it be called “racks” :smile:

Cheers !

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Yeah guys this is totally in the works! Its especially useful when multiple pages goes live.

Anything that saves time would be a good addition.


Happy holidays Sergie! Any word on this? Is it already live and I missed it?


We’ll be implementing Symbols in January. You’ll be able to share the same group of elements in a website, so if you change it in one location it will change in all locations.

We’re considering how and if these symbols will be shared across your whole account so that it’s easy to copy over elements and styles to other projects. Thanks for your patience guys!


+1 Can’t wait for this!

Hey Sergie, that sounds like a great feature, and one that’s really going to come in handy. In addition to global symbols, it sounds like it would afford a way to do what I was originally looking for, which is simply move a page or block of content from one site to another. I imagine that would look like this?

  1. In site A, Select the content I want to move and turn it into a global symbolic element.
  2. In site B, choose that element from the global list and insert it.
  3. In site A, delete the element.
  4. Hopefully, in site B, I’d be able to “release” the symbol into its constituent component elements so it didn’t take up space in my global symbolic element list?

@ramatsu that’s our hope!

Cool, looking forward to it. Happy New Year!

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Seriously waiting for this feature to go live! Especially for the multi page websites and elements like footers, headers, etcetera. Hopefully you guys will publish this feature asap! :smiley:

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