Copy and paste between projects/window/tabs

I’m missing a way to make a kind of library to be reused, some blocks takes time to get then right and I want to reuse then on other pages/projects.

I’ve tried to copy from one browser tab/project to another tab/project but nothing happen.

The idea is that we can have a project that is used to store snippets/blocks of common custom elements and then copy/paste on new projects and customize then.

Are there any plans to have something like this ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback !


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+1 on sharing blocks/symbols between sites. We’re evaluating webflow to use with our design agency, but without re-usable global blocks/symbols it’s a bit of a deal breaker.

WebFlow is currently great for one off projects, but shared libraries are a must.

A shared assets library would also be awesome.


+1 but we use Webflow even this is still pending :grinning:

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I believe there’s a simple solution for such problem, obviously not the best, but please implement it because we really need it.

Add a external copy button, such will create a json structure of the elements, a very bad example (bad json I know):

root: {
css: {
   car: {

this structure will represent a webflow object, of course, then there’s the issue of class crashing… but the solution is simple, since this structure is analyzable, you can know whether when doing an external paste from the clipboard, if there are going to be issues of such sort, in which case, you’d ask to rename the class or add a prefix to all classes if there’s a lot of issues regarding crashes. The same applies for ids.

The buttons external copy/paste seem (to me) rather simple to implement, and the best is that you would be able to regenerate the whole content of a website by external copying the whole body, simple. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would also very much like to see copy/paste between projects.

+1 It would save me a’lot of time :smile:

This one should be a top priority on Webflow’s roadmap because it enables everybody to work faster.


We sure need such a feature. We are asking for it, much before the launch of the CMS.

This would be great!

Hey couldn’t this be a solution for new websites we’re building, kinda?:smile:

In the designer for the newest website I’m working on, I created an extra sort of template page, where I have placed all kinds of stuff like headers and paragraphs, and later on probably buttons and the like. I use this page to make changes to all global classes, for every breakpoint.

This page can be filled with more stuff like interactions and symbols I might want to reuse in other new projects.

For my next new site, I just need to duplicate this first site, throw away what I don’t need and save me some time for at least some future projects.

Of course this doesn’t help for existing sites.

Yes, and archive items in your own libary.
Als create “master-templates” so of you chance it, al copies will be saved exacpt the colors and content!

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I really need to be able to copy pages from one project to another


This would be incredibly useful

We’re been wanting to build cross-tab/cross-site copy paste for quite some time now. We’re getting closer and closer! We just rewrote our style system to enable copy-pasting styles (we’ll be releasing new features later for this) and now we’re rewriting some other things to enable copy pasting elements with styles across sites. At Webflow we use Webflow for everything and we wish we had it. Your pain is our pain. :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience as we work on this feature!


Looking forward to this one!!!

Looks like I’ll have to redo the whole site for now. :disappointed:
This is so counter productive. :disappointed:

@Webflow, please make this possible.

I’m looking forward to seeing what your solution is!

I’m always pleasantly surprised that you add HUGE functionality while keeping the added complexity to a bare minimum. Thanks for hearing all the community requests!

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Ich auch.
Me too.
Yo también!


Plus 1!

I just tried to copy and pastes from another site and I see this is not ready yet. It would be great, especially since there are so many great templates for Webflow, leveraging the content and css/design from them would be extremely useful.