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Sharing/copying pages, elements, symbols, components, etc across projects

Totally @NathanSchuuring we’re getting really close!


@thesergie If I understand correctly, until this feature is shipped, there is no way to copy-paste a page from Site A to Site B?

That’s correct @LaurentCardinal. Currently you can only copy paste from Site A Page 1 to Site A page 2.

Anxiously waiting for this feature… @thesergie I wonder when are we going to see Symbols alive?

@asabbaghi this is a separate topic, but we’re working hard on it right now!

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Yes, i’m anxiously waiting for this feature too. Thanks.

Just adding a friendly little +1 bump to this feature request.

This feature (moving a page from one site to another) would be a huge timesaver for us, too. Can’t wait to see it appear. Any updates, @thesergie?

This feature is amazing but I think I know what might be the biggest problem in this one. Classes… THink about it. You have your website built and you transfer a page from another project that have same class-names. Will it override or will the new page inherit styles? This thing is great but so far I’m using different approach. I have a website where I have a nice amount of buttons, menus, popups, slider solutions etc. I just duplicate this site and create a new one. I have all styles from the previous one so I can easily use symbols and/or change style within this one :wink:

At the moment, there’s no way to do this in Webflow, but we will have cross-project copy paste in the future. Sorry about that!


Since I’ve asked the question, I realize how incredibly delicate it’s going to be. When it’s classes driven, there’s little choice.

We’re aware of the things that can go wrong and brainstorming a good solution that takes all these things into account.

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Is it possible to copy or move pages between projects? Purchasing a template to integrate only one page in another project… things like that.

All webflow classes have w-... before. You can have something like c[i]-... whre i is a next number within account in shared objects/classes library. That might be the best solution since the library will have the id in database anyway :slight_smile: Just my toughts :slight_smile:

We’ll have to manage duplicate selectors for a lot of applications down the road. We will give several options on a per-selector basis (because the intent of the designer can be a million things). It will be an overwrite or append “copy” most likely. Will likely change once we start fleshing things out. Thanks for the feedback!

This would be a very needed feature for me! Indeed some elements take a lot of time to create and it would make sense to be able to share these assets through out multiple projects. Copy paste would be nice or some sort of global library.

This would also be helpful when working together in a team on Webflow.

Hello @thesergie

Is there any workaround to copy/paste elements from a website to another in the same account ?
Or maybe copy/paste a whole page from a website to another in the same account ?

Could really do with copy/paste between sites… here’s hoping its coming soon!

Hidy @thesergie, @callmevlad! Last update on the issue more than 5 months ago, have you dropped the plans to support this feature? Maybe I’m missing something, but I’d really appreciate an update. Cheers!

@eak We still have plans to support copy-pasting between sites. We just haven’t had the time to build it quite yet. Once we ship some other features this will be one of the top on our list. Thanks for your patience guys!