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Copy page to another site

I saw a post on copying/pasting a page from site A to site B a while back. Was this feature ever implemented?


ADMIN EDIT: Please vote for this feature here:

Can’t be done. For now you have to make yourself a template and create symbol (which can be used in only the same project).

Thanks. Can I export the site and import the page into the other site?

Unfortunately no. Webflow does not support importing existing templates or pages into a new project.
Perhaps, they will be introducing a symbol market in the near future but we’ll just have to wait and see what 2015 holds.

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No, you have to understand what it would take : all the classes and IDs from one site would have to be merged with the other’s… what to do with same class names? it will obligatorily end up in a giant, nasty mess. My advice is don’t join the mob that is waiting for this feature because it’s not coming, and if it comes, at best, your projetc is going to become quite ugly.

Sounds like good advice. Thanks!

What could be added is the possibility to copy/paste a structure of elements (series of nested sections, containers, divs and Webflow widgets). This could be time saving sometimes.

woah not true… You can duplicate your sites and pages. They cog lets you do it on a page and there is a duplicate project in the dashboard ;0)

So I have a content project for creating symbols etc and then duplicate that for a new project. Everything I have done is then available to the new project :wink:

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To a new project, yes this is a no-brainer. We’re talking about copying from a project to another (existing) one.

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Ah sorry didn’t pick up on that :confused: Yes that is true. I am hoping the team decide to let you have a global symbols section that is across all projects. Wouldn’t be hard to implement as the code is already written. Just needs positioned differently within the system architecture :smile:

I know you think this would make your projects unwieldy but that in my mind is what remove unwanted css is for and everything could be marked with g- as the weblow stuff is marked w- so no collisions :smile:

Well it’s possible, for example automatically add a number token to all the classes of the srtucture you’re going to copy… but it means all the classes, even the inherited ones, in case their properties have been changed in the target project. It almost means duplicating the CSS… working, but it’s messy.

Yes for a whole page - This could be addressed with symbols, I am thinking if you want your header and footer on each page. Then just build a symbol for each so its available to all of your projects. In terms of a page copy this could be applied to a global css section as well with page specific css being kept locally. I reckon that would work great and would remove the duplication aspect from a project.

Just some free thinking thoughts of course. Webflow to me is the absolute best product out there hands down. It just works and something like this would make it untouchable in my mind.

I would also like to see a desktop application but I guess thats asking way to much :slight_smile: Macaw recently have taken their product to a level up and its strong but not nearly as good.