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Load a Section as a Preset (Racks of Elements)

Hi Everyone,

As a man who mixed a lot music and sound design, I have this input. I think many digital workflow can be implement from digital audio workstation (DAW).

In Ableton Live they introduced “Racks”. It is a modular preset if you prefer. In Reasons they call this a Combinator.

For instance in Ableton Live, a rack can contain all the mixing tools you can imagine. In this screenshot I’ve put 3 element. An EQ - a Flanger - a Compressor.

In sound field it’s typically called a strip (like the big analog boards). The order of your element are really important as it is the case in WebFlow.

In a DAW like Ableton, a rack’s job is to save all the parameters of this strip. Ableton have make sure that’s easy to manage & exchange racks from one user to another one. This is one of the main reason it is THE CHOICE for the electronic-geek musicians : WE LIKE COLLABORATION and help each other.

If we go back on WF, a rack could be DIV-BLOCK containing a button, a background, a text link with all the shadows. From there we need to be able to export/import this button that look hot over any other projects. An other way to say it would be that if I great 3 positions button, I would be able to load it in any of my projects.

Same logic could apply for sections …
Same logic could apply for entire site at the end.
See the point here ?

Question — Is this a direction the Webflow want to go ? This is really important for me as I consider WF as a potential professional tools.

Cheers from Montréal
2013-08-25 Sunday 00H26AM

You hit it on the nail @devmtl! There are many ways to work more efficiently and one of them is having a component library that you can share across any project. We are definitely thinking about this because it will make building websites that much faster.

Thanks for the thorough explanation!

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@thesergie That’s the spirit ! With this … well you guys will be behind of 90% of the web.

Cheers !