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Setting Up a Multi-City Website

This is my first full website with Webflow and I have hit a wall. I’m still trying to understand the CMS collections and changing each. Essentially I am trying to have the website’s main page open up as a ‘Select Your City’ page (which I have made already) and have the pull down link to each city and it’s set of 6 pages (around 40 cities). The nav bar will also link to all the pages within that city’s group.

I’m wondering if anyone has any guides or information that an help me start this. I originally made every city as a static page within a folder group manually, but I’m now capped at 100 pages and stuck.

I have been searching for days online and haven’t found anything that has helped me, so any help would be great!

How different is the content on each branches 6 pages?

Are they all the same layout?

He hard part I’m seeing without custom code would be your menu.

Each page could be a collection, but you would need to determine which collection by a locally stored variable that was selected at the start.

However if the content is all really similar, might be worth while rethinking, since that won’t be very good for your SEO with duplicate content.

Each page is identical, except for a couple small text pieces, back end SEO and the links. I would like all the links to go to the page that corresponds with the city.

A good example of what I’m looking for is this site (except mine is alot simplier)

I haven’t figured out how to link the nav buttons to go directly to the city in each collection group. I can’t wrap my head around these CMS collections enough to understand.

Thank you!

So I think you can do this without any custom code.

First create a collection for each page type.

Within each collection create an item for every location. (Ensure that the name of each is the name of the location)

When you first use your dropdown, have it go to the home collection and the associated item that was selected in the dropdown.

Then for your heading links, you’ll need to make them all custom codes. (And any other links) you’ll add in the other collection base and the current collection item into the URL, which would match the other collection item title. so: /about/{{CurrentCMSItemTitle}}

Hope that makes sense.

Happy to collaborate on this one if you want, it’s quite a cool concept. I’ve done a franchise site before with just a single location page, but I like this method.

I will give it a try! I’m still confused on how to link the collections together but I’ll jump back to this project next week.

Its a pretty cool way to capture SEO reach in all the surrounding towns. That’s the main reason for us creating this city selection option.

Thank you!