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Using CMS Collections for a multi-location restaurant menu

Hello, we’re designing a website for a restaurant. We are trying to develop the menu pages by utilizing collections. We’d like your opinion on how we’re setting this up so that we are following Webflow’s best practices.

Our website has two locations with nine different menus. We would prefer for each section of each menu for each of the two locations to have its own collection (e.g. Lunch Appetizers, Lunch Soups & Gumbos, etc.) for ease of content management for the client, but we are on the CMS hosting plan, which only allows us to have 20 CMS collections. However, if we had a collection for each menu section, we would have over 50 collections, which not even the Business hosting plan can accommodate.

As a solution, our current workflow is to have a collection for each of the nine menus that contain all of that menu’s items, set up with categories that utilize a reference field. These categories are defined by another collection called Menu Categories. Using this, we define collection elements to filter menu items for each section. We’ve also added number fields to properly order items in the list, due to the length of each menu collection. This lessens the burden of locating and updating specific items in the CMS for the client.

We’d like feedback on our workflow and any advice for optimizing the CMS for our needs. In order to figure out the CMS before the site is designed, we have been testing multiple CMS workflows and therefore the site is currently in development. The collections we are referring to specifically are called “LVA Lunches” and “Menu Categories.” Current testing with this workflow has been done on the page called “LVA Menu V2.”

Finally, we’d like to use numbers in the sequence of 10, 20, 30, and so on, with some menu lists going up to 150, for the purpose of controlling the order of the menu items. However, the system seems to be limiting us to numbers no higher than 50. Is it possible to assign numbers higher than 50? If so, how do we move forward?

Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

Here is a menu model broken into sections and sorted. Worked on every restaurant site I have built.

A collection of menu items with a reference field pointed to a collection of sub menu names (main course, etc…)

Menu Item Collection:
Price (# decimal)
Summary - Text
Body - RTF
Nutrition - RTF
Image - image
Featured - switch
Active - switch
Order (Number integer 1 - 1000)
Menu Section - Related

Menu Section
Summary - Text
Image - image
Active - switch

Main Menu

Section Appetizers
Collection list (Menu Items) filter Menu Section = Appetizers , sort order = Order, largest to smallest

Rinse and repeat.