Best Option for Location + Service Page Combinations


I’m new to using Webflow and I’m creating a website that targets local home service keywords. I would like to nest all of the services under the location page (i.e. /sydney/plumbing, melbourne/roofing, etc.) and bulk-create multiple pages for each city/service combination.

I’m wondering if using Webflow CMS Collections is a better option than using page folders? I’ve installed a website template and one of the issues i’m having is being able to edit the page template for a collection item (i.e. roofing in melbourne). Does anyone have experience building a similar website?

Thanks in advance!

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You’d run out of static pages fast, since you’re capped at 100.
Collection pages is almost certainly the right way to go.

This might be overkill for your needs, but I build a lot of sites like this and I’d approach it this way;

4 collections;

  • Locations ( e.g. Sydney )
  • Services ( e.g. Plumbing )
  • ServiceLocations ( e.g. Sydney Plumbing ) - has single ref fields to Locations, and Services
  • Providers ( e.g. Jacob’s Plumbing Emporium ) - has a multi ref field to ServiceLocations

This design allows you to do pretty much everything you’d want to;

  • Location pages can list all of the providers in that location, with their service
  • Service pages can list all of the providers of that service, with their location
  • “Melbourne Wedding Dance Instructors” gets its own page, and can list all of the providers
  • Each provider can be in more than one location

If you’re needing a couple of hours of assistance on the design work, PM me and we can chat.