Show a different (Sub)Collection List for each Collection Pages

Hey there,

I have a website where I want to have a collection of restaurants organised by cities.
In the main page, I want to show a grid with the cities, and on their own individual page, show the different restaurants for that city.

To do that, I’ve created a main collection called “Cities” and then collections for each city. So:

  • Collection 1: “Cities”
  • Collection 2: “Restaurants in City #1
  • Collection 3: “Restaurants in City #2
  • Collection 4: “Restaurants in City #3
  • Collection 5: “Restaurants in City #4

Following this structure:

My issue is that, because I’m using a collection for the Cities, each individual page is the same, which means it’s showing the same “Restaurants” in all pages.

Is there a way to customize each “City” individual page to show the correspondent Restaurants Collection List? Or to attach a “Restaurants” collection to each city on the CMS?

Or should I not have “Cities” as a Collection and keep them as static pages?

Any advice or help is welcomed!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Petit)
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You have just to use filters and on the collection list wrapper of the restaurants set: City is Current City

The issue is that when I add a filter to the Cities, because it’s a template it shows the same for each one of them.

How can I dynamically change the “Current City”

Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 13.12.43

City should not be an option, but a Reference field, your cms structure is wrong, you should have only 2 collections, cities and restaurants, and inside restaurants you should have a field of type reference to a city, in this way you will get the correct filters

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That’s it! That’s what I was missing.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: