Separating Collections

Hi, having some trouble getting used to this. I would like to Edit each Header below but when I go to edit the text for one header, all get changed as well. Would like some help on editing each one. Thanks!

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When you want to display CMS data in a collection page or in a collection list, the elements you want that content / settings applied to need to be bound to the CMS fields.

Once you do that, those field contents are managed in the CMS.

Thanks for your quick response! I actually just want each heading to be different, but when I go to edit the text, it changes within the collection I think. I’m trying to figure out how to have each one be different without affecting the others

Yep, as I said, you need to bind them.

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Ah, I see! Thank you, I was trying to change directly on the text at first. It took some fidgeting around.

That’s why I thought the 1, 2, 3 would help point you there.
There’s a lot to learn with the CMS so I encourage you to read through the Webflow U getting started guides, they’ll save you days of confusion and frustration.

Karla, this should help also-