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Editing Template Text

I’m trying to edit text in a template. I want to separate it from the collection so I can edit the text in each column independently. After, I clicked on the “Get Text From Service” and then selected the “Name” option, I tried to edit the text. However, another drop down window appeared under the select field asking to perform the previous stated task that I have already completed.

Attached is a screen shot for your review.

How do I resolve this matter?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

@JCARROLL you need to change the text inside the collection itself. From the screenshot, the collection’s name is ‘services’ and the field this page is pulling the information in from is ‘name’. So change the ‘name’ field for each service and you’ll see the change applied here.

Hi Sara!

Thank you for your quick response!

I tried following your directions and clearly, I must be missing something. I don’t see the individual names listed under the collection. I click on everything that I could see and still no effect.

I realize that I am new to this platform (coming from Wix) and I need time to learn however, it seems like it shouldn’t be this complicated to change the text…please forgive me…newbie frustration… :grinning: Please see attached.


In the toolbar to the left you’ll want to open the CMS tab (just above the shopping cart). In there you’ll find your Webflow project’s Collections including one named “Services” like you saw in the editor. Collections in Webflow are basically a database where you can store raw content that gets placed dynamically throughout the site. If you’re making a blog, you wouldn’t want to have dozens of separate pages for each post. Instead you add your blog posts to a Collection and it automatically gets applied to one template. Those headers you’re editing are pulling their content from that Services collection such that the text can be changed from the CMS rather than by editing it directly on your site.

From here you have two options:

  1. Open that Services collection under the CMS tab and change the text in there so it reflects back on your site (you may have to publish the changes before you can see this reflected)
  2. Uncheck the “Get text from Services” checkbox to unlink the header from that Collection and then you should be able to edit that text directly.

Hope that helps!

Hey JCarroll,

I was having massive issues with this myself in the last few days. I was attempting to change / format the individual text elements for a CMS templated blog page that had some CMS fields connected. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t change the formatting or the text itself, and my CMS templated page was inheriting some not great styles from somewhere else.

It’s true that any text tweaks with the purple-colored CMS connections have to be changed in your CMS-- specific text changes cannot be edited on the template pages when that field is dynamically connected to your CMS collection. As the other members above mentioned, if you want to control and manually add different titles / text every time, just remove the CMS connection you made for that one text block, and the text block should revert to a standard text or heading, or whatever it was before. You can also add another “field” within your CMS Collection settings with whatever you want to put for this one (e.g. a shorter title, a different description, whatever you’d like). After you create and save this new field within your Collection, you are essentially creating another option you can select within that template instead of the ‘Service Title’.

The next part I got stuck on was editing the actual styling of what my self-produced CMS Collections were spitting out. It sounds counterintuitive, but if your issue is related to styling (or if it will be in the future) you need to “nest” whatever element you’re attempting to change within a new style class you make for your CMS- this appears to be a unique function for CMS Collection pages. I eventually found this tutorial video which has been super helpful. He does everything in Webflow and has a bunch of other videos
and this was the answer after hours of me searching. He creates a blank page, adds in a Rich Text Element, as well as other elements you might use in your CMS collection, and then you can edit the style, “nest” and bind these elements to be used as a combo class for your CMS specifically.

I hope this is what you are looking for!

Look at that, I didn’t even need to come in :slight_smile: . @JCARROLL, yes, you should navigate to the ‘cms’ tab, it’s the one with the three circles on top of each other, and change the titles there. This will also change the information on your page. The page you’re trying to edit uses the information entered in the collection.

I thank all of you for your assistance and recommendations for learning resources. It worked!!! I finally was able to change the text! I’m soo happy, I’m going to go and treat myself… :grinning:

I’m not going to try and do anything else tonight, I’m just going to celebrate this accomplishment… :grin:

And besides, I’ll be back with many more questions during this learning curve… :joy: :joy: :joy:

Thanks again and do enjoy the rest of your day and weekend!

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@JCARROLL glad you were able to make it work :slight_smile: