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Switching between elements of a collection on a specific time

Hello everyone! I’m new to webflow and I’m trying to recreate a header similar to this one:

The problem I have is that I do not understand how to change the content of the text and the image which comes from the CMS in webflow.

Can this be done? How do I switch between elements of the collection on a time basis?

Any tip will be appreciated!

That is a nice header isn’t it.

I think you could do this with the webflow slider or with sections (might provide more flexibility. Each panel will contain a separate collection list with a filter applied as such 1 of 3, 2 of 3 , 3 of 3 etc.

For the basics of adding CMS content you need to read about collection list elements at WF uni.

Thanks a lot @HammerOz, the part that I don’t fully understand is how can I “tell” webflow “hey! now display content of section 1, now hide it and display section 2, now section 3, etc.”

Should I use interactions? If I should, I am not sure how to use CMS with interactions.
Thanks again!

Here is a slider CMS based concept to take a look at.

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Thanks a lot! will def analyze that!