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SEO Settings and Open Graph descriptions still not showing five days later

Five days after publishing my site: a) Google isn’t even returning the website in the first 20 plus pages, b) When I type in the full domain into Google this is what I’m seeing:

I don’t think this is actually anything to do with GoDaddy, as I changed my DNS settings etc. It just appears that the SEO Settings data I included when creating the site just doesn’t work!

Please help.

@WCOC You are correct DNS doesn’t really have anything todo with your search engine results page ranking. As long as you have the DNS setup correctly and your site isn’t parked. You can see by looking at your site code that the SEO data has been added (attached). Is this a new site? Have you setup your site through Google Search Console? That will help your site rank faster. You can use site:url to see if your site has been indexed or use the Google Search Console.

Thanks jdesign.

This is a new site - only published for the first time on Monday, so maybe I’m just being impatient? I set up the site on Google Search Console a couple of days ago. I took your advice and used site:url. This is what I see:

So the SEO data seems to work properly when I use ‘site:[url]’. But if I type just the URL into Google, it’s still showing the ‘This domain is parked FREE by GoDaddy’ message. Super confused!

When I log into Search Console and click Google Index > Index Status, it shows ‘0 Total Indexed’. Is there something I have to manually do to get the site Indexed? I’ve already added the site as a ‘Property’ and verified the domain too.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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It may take time for Google to register the site. It’s hard to say how long as it’s all up to the search engine. Good and well organized content is key to getting ranked. Here are a few resources.

As long as you can see your site using it’s url and don’t have robots limiting access to pages, then you should be okay but will just need to wait. If you have a really competitive market then it may take longer to start ranking well.