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I’ve bought the sites domain before making the website and it had it’s own “parked domain” page for some time. I made my site, connected the domain, tried optimising it as much as I could. More then a week passed by now and still nothing, URL Inspection says “Page is not indexed: URL is unknown to Google”, at the same time it can be found with the “site:” tag on Google, with it’s old, parked domain meta. I connected Search Console, Analitycs, submitted the sitemap to Google (which was successful), no manual actions on search console, testing live URL is OK, but Google still says: “Discovered - currently not indexed” in the Pages tab, and there is a “Moved permanently (301)” response in Crawl Stats, which I’m not sure what it means, because there were OK responses the next day.

Here is my site:

Give Google a reason to index your site. Go get yourself some links.

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From Last week I’m trying to index a article but unable to index it yet. I don’t know why google is soo lazy but I can’t wait further for indexing. Due to this I’m very fed Up because I take advance from my client and I’m answerable to him.

How can I quickly index it and what strategy I need to apply on it?

Moreover, If you have some free time then read this article for deep understanding about it.

Waiting to your response.

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@Liam1 Your expectations of how Google indexes are rather optimistic.

Google is slow, particularly on new, untrusted sites.
It can take easily 30 to 60 days for it to get around to your site, and even then it will index like 30% of it if you’re lucky.

@webdev 's advice was solid. What makes your site different from
Google doesn’t know if your site is relevant. So it looks for “social proof” in the form of backlinks.

Your job now is to build your pagerank, so that Google sees your site as worth indexing. The main way to do that is to invest some time in off-page SEO. Keep creating good content, but also keep building good links back to your site.

  • Put your site in business directories, on other sites
  • Write a blog, news, press releases, product specials, share them with links back to your site
  • Build a partners page, where you list major partners, in exchange for a link back to you

Time to grind.

This might help too.

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Google is slow to index new websites, especially the ones without any backlinks. They in fact tell openly that they do not find it important yet. You can look at this website Product5x for PMs - it took them 30 days for some pgs to list even. So try to build some backlinks & then you can check with this shortcut. Replace with your website.

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