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I’ve published website conneted with hosting on goaddy and after 3 minutes it’s still not visible in Google. Ofc I turned off this feature to hide website in Search Enginge results. So I’m curious - is that fault with Godaddy integration or internal Webflow fail?

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After publishing the website it will take some time for search engines like Google to crawl the website and start displaying it alongside search results—especially if you’re expecting to show up for general terms related to your business. SEO success is a long-term goal, so you won’t really see results in such short amounts of time.

One good suggestion to help manage how your site appears in search results is setting up Google Search Console. This will give you the ability to force Google to crawl (or recrawl) your site if changes are made, as well as giving you a better idea of any issues Google notices with your structure to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to SEO.

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Thanks Mikey, but still that’s not point. I have this website 3 months after publishing and in general weak results. There’s no other searches, total niche company and still not visible. Is that possible to have it blocked somehow on Godady/Webflow?

There are lots of reasons why a website may not be performing well, however keep in mind your original post said it was published 3 minutes ago (not months), so I had a skewed interpretation of the problem.

What is your expectation in terms of being found on Google? Are you wanting to break into the first page? Second page? Organic search rankings are difficult for sites even in niche industries and three months is not really all that long so I doubt you’ve gained much in terms of ranking in Google’s eyes.

Without a deep dive into the specifics of your project and what keywords your wanting to be relevant for I can’t say what the issue is, but even that would be difficult for an English-speaker like myself.

Sure, thank you Mike for help anyway, don’t be offended please. I just wanted to point out, that my website created couple months ago is still not visible in Goggle at all. So I assume, that’s some reason on my side.

Google provides guidance on getting your site indexed. I suggest you go through it.

Search Console Help (

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No offense taken, just want to make sure I know what your goal is so I can set expectation appropriately.

As @webdev mentioned, I’d also recommend using Google Search Console to ensure the site is indexed first and foremost.