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Web site not appearing in Google

I published our site to our custom domain a few weeks a go and it still has not been picked up by google. I’m assuming that I have done/not done something in WebFlow because I have never had this issue with sites outside of WebFlow

This morning I read the “help text” alongside the “Disable Webflow subdomain indexing” it says

If indexing is disabled, a unique robots.txt will be published only on the subdomain telling search engines to ignore the domain. (The actual content is: User-Agent: * Disallow: /)

This confuses me with talk of sub domains as we are not using a subdomian on our custom domain AND that the option is Webflow Indexing. Is it this option (it was set to Yes (Disabled) ) that was preventing the website from being indexed by google?

Looking at this question and reply from Jeff (Website NOT showing up in Google and Search Console) it looks like that is exactly why we were not being indexed. That option is IMHO badly named surely it should be “Disable Indexing”

I now find my self in a slightly tricky situation where I have page changes I do not want to publish yet but SEO Project Settings that I do want to publish. I assume there is not way of just publishing the global project settings is there?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

If you want anyone to check your site SEO settings you need to share a link to the published domain in question.

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Have you set up this property in Google’s Search Console? If so what is it reporting? Remember that Google is looking for content to index which I am not seeing on your site.

Yes it’s set up in “Search Console” and “Analytics”

Search Console in the Coverage section says “Processing data please check again in a day or so” but it has said that for over a week.

When you say you are seeing no content do you therte aren’t many pages and the pages you can see are light on text? What’s there at the moment is essentially a landing page and gallery of photos.

I know it isn’t exactly “Encyclopedia Britannica” but there some titles, text, alt text and meta tags. I thought that would be enough.

Right, that is basically the same as zero content which is not enough to move the needle IMHO. There is a course in the University about SEO, which might be worth a look. Google Search Central has lots of content about how to get visible in the SERPS. If you asked me to rank your site, the first thing I would ask is who is creating the content. Good luck with your project.