Site isn't showing up in Google now

So I posted my clients new site but weird thing happened. The site disappeared from google. Like you can’t even find it even when typing the .com in google.

I ran a test on google and it brought this results:
URL is not available to Google

The only thing that changed is I switched to Webflow.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Daniel_Hughes,

Thanks for your reply, if I understand correctly, you are hosting a custom domain that you own for a project that is hosted in Webflow, is that correct?

The issues detected for the custom domains is shown on the hosting tab of project settings.

The next step would be to check and update the DNS records on the domain(s) to point the DNS records at the correct servers.

The root domain (without www, like should have these two A-records:

Type: A
Name: @

Type: A
Name: @

The WWW subdomain should have a CNAME record and should use the following values:

Name: WWW

​If you happen to be using Cloudflare, the Status column on your DNS records that point to Webflow must be changed from “Proxied” to “DNS Only”.

After DNS changes are made, got to the hosting tab of project settings, set the
WWW domain as the default domain and then Publish your project.

Webflow allows you to change the on-page SEO factors which are published to the Web.

The Google search index is not controlled by Webflow, but there are some steps you can take to update the SEO Title and Description for what is shown in the search results.

Check the following items to update the on-page SEO factors:

1. Update the site and page SEO Title and Meta Description
2. Update the site Open Graph settings
3. Update and set the site RSS feed settings
4. Setup Google Analytics
5. Submit the published Sitemap to Google for re-indexing

The time it takes for Google to update the index and drop the old info and only show new updated info can vary, but those are the basic steps.

I hope this helps!

"site disappeared from google" - sound very weird (Even if you shut down the domain by mistake It takes Google time to update this in search results).

Did you search Within your specific website:


Maybe this is ranking issue (And not indexing issue). These are two completely different problems.

Also check:

  1. robots.txt / noindex or nofollow meta tags (under page/site setting).
  2. Any manually block of pages under google search console.

Does the site appear on

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thanks I will check these out.
For clarity the actual .com works but you cannot find the name of bussines or the .com itself when searching google.

I host through godaddy.

thanks again.

No you cannot find it in Bing either. So if you just straight up search “bullygang pitbulls” you get some images that are his but his website doesn’t show up at all.

I am not using a webflow SITE PLAN would that affect this?
It doesn’t have an SSL either so not sure if this affects that or no?