SEO Question. Noob here

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask a simple and dumb question.

I have my site designed in webflow and then i make edits and export my site each time and reupload to my domain.
Does that have a negative effect on SEO?

Hi @squidstart, thanks for your question. Exporting from Webflow does not affect your SEO. If you export a site where you have changed the SEO text and description for your pages, and then overwrite the existing files on your own domain, then that will impact to your SEO, and the impact can be either good or bad, depending what kind of updates you make to your SEO text and description. That is just part of SEO though, your content in your pages is most important, so before you export, make sure your SEO text and description are what you want them to be, and that you have good quality content on your site.

Just exporting your site from Webflow, and uploading has nothing to do with SEO, but the changes you make to your site, that does affect to SEO… if you were just exporting the same seo text and description, then there is no impacts. If you change ANY content on your site, then that has a potential impact, but not design related things, i.e. if you put your text content in a div that is float left, and then change and put it in a div that is float right, it is the same from an seo perspective, but if you change that text you are moving from one div to the next, then that could cause some impact, potentially.

I hope that helps. SEO is a long period of time effort, to get good rankings, it does not happen overnight. Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the detailed answer mate. I appreciate it.
Yeah my main concern was that since I build in webflow and re upload each time I was just unsure about the SEO impact.
I understand that removal of content will have an impact, but just wanted to know that it doesnt reset your SEO.

it can actually help you with seo, se’s like fresh content and typically track that, ie if you have a site that ranked well but never was freshened up it would most likely begin to fall in time. each time you upload to your site the dates on the files are for that day, so in essence “fresher” than if they had 4 month old date on them. Your content is what will be crawled and indexed so it would help to freshen up all the important pages, then upload regularly. Be sure to update your xml compliant sitemap too, resubmit it to Google and Bing/Yahoo to be recrawled to get the new content indexed faster.

Yes that is right @webguy :slight_smile: Good to have that as an added bonus :slight_smile:

Ok i clearly did something wrong now the question is how to fix it? The seo is indexing my webflow site on google and not the one exported on my own domain. I have unpublished it ect. Will this resolve itself now that I have unpublished it?


Site settings > SEO > Miscellaneous > Disable Subdomain Indexing

You’re welcome.

Done, thank you. How long does it take for it to take effect. Weeks? Months?

As soon as you re-publish and search engines re-visit your site (which is up to them).

I unpublished from the webflow site. So currently there is a 404 page when I do a google search for my name and click on the webflow site. Because I host the site at my own domain name If I republish will it interfere with that website being found because currently my website on my domain is not coming up at all in google search. I’m gathering this is because of the duplicate. Or because I shot off the indexing of subdomain it won’t matter if I republish in the meantime, while waiting for it to index properly?

Yes, that should be fine. Do check that your domain-hosted site doesn’t have a robots.txt that blocks search engine robots.

Thank you I will check the cpanel to make sure it doesn’t

I had to help one of my clients with their Google ranking, and I was a total beginner, but here are a few of the things I did to get his sporting goods store to be #1.

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics Even if you are like me, and don’t understand everything in Analytics, the fact that you have done so probably helps your visibility with Google. You will have to add a piece of custom tracking code that Google provides, but that is pretty straightforward.

  2. Sign up for Google My Business This is great for a case like mine where there is a brick-and-mortar storefront. This allows you to manage the info that people will find when searching for your store. Again, probably helps your ranking some.

  3. Make sure you fill out the SEO settings completely for each page. When I did this for my client, I was using Weebly, but the idea is the same. Just use tags and accurately (and truthfully!) represent what is on the page. Take your time, and don’t forget to update them if the content or purpose of a page changes.

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t have everything figured out, but those are some of the things I did, with some good results. Hope this helps!

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