Migrating from WordPress to Webflow (and redesigning) without losing SEO

Hi, my company is planning to redesign the website, update the content, and migrate to Webflow. Would doing all of this at once affect our SEO badly? If so, what would help? Redesigning the website in WordPress first and then moving to Webflow or moving the current site to Webflow as it is and then redesigning in Weblow?
Thank you

Impacts are unavoidable, but if you want maximum control and understanding over those impacts, and the ability to manage them somewhat - I’d recommend;

  • Redesign your site
  • Keep the same content and SEO ( page titles, H2’s, METAs… )
  • Maintain the same paths as much as possible, and use redirect when you cannot

Deploy your new site, take a 2 month breather while Google indexes, etc. That will let you see how you’re doing in SEO.

Then begin content updates, page title changes, structure changes gradually so that you can monitor them in isolation.

It will impact on your SEO if you don’t prepare. You have to collect your URL structure first, then keep in mind in content. After publishing, you have to fix the URL structure as it was before.