Website Revamp Affecting SEO

This is a rookie question, but I just can’t find a straight answer yet.

I have a site up and running, it’s been working great for almost two years, client wants to revamp the design, but since that site was my very first Webflow project, I have a lot of room for improvements on classes among other things.

I’m indecisive about wether is better to add or clone pages and work the redesign on the same project and dealing with all the classes there. Or if it’s better and mostly (If it won’t affect the SEO) to redesign everything on a new project and just move the domain after.

The content (text/titles) will not change, is mainly just design stuff and animations, but the main Menu and architecture will be affected by the redesign, since they want to change locations of several landing pages, and reorganize the main menu.

Could you provide some guidance on what option is best for NOT AFFECTING THE SEO?

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Unless you want a radical redesign, it’s almost never worth migrating. Protecting your SEO investment is one reason, but you also have CMS migration, code, integrations and other things that are time-consuming to transfer and test.

I’d stay with your existing site, and do you redesign work inline. Redesign your menu on a style guide page, test it, and then drop it to your main nav component when you’re ready.

I’ll note that anywhere I’m likely to redesign core areas, I make them a component and wrap them in an unclassed DIV. That ensures that whatever internals they have are easy to swap out.

You can even buy a template and copy-paste portions of it this way.
Yes, class renaming will become 20% of your time.

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This is super helpful and it also makes the most sense, thanks!

Agree, from an SEO point of view, website migration are only for “no other option” cases.
If the structure of your website is changing, you will probably have an impact on your SEO. You must design a strategy to mitigate the impact while revamping the website.

Good luck