To Webflow - Identical site may impact SEO ranking

Hi Webflow Team.

I use Webflow to create my website and i exported it to my own hosting. Which means i have 2 identical websites on the internet.

I’ve found this statement in google’s webmaster guidelines.

Don’t create multiple copies of a page under different URLs. Many sites offer text-only or printer-friendly versions of pages that contain the same content as the corresponding graphic-rich pages. If your site has identical content that can be reached via different URLs, there are several ways of indicating the canonical (preferred) version of a page. More information about canonicalization.

So i am wondering the current default setting for my is allowing or prevented crawler to craw my website.
(I noted that i can UNPUBLISHED it but while i am developing it, i need to publish it which anyone can access, including crawlers.)

If the current setting is allowing crawlers to index my webflow’s version, could you please have a feature that enable me to choose whether i want my webflow’s version to be excluded from (any crawlers) indexing.

Thank you in advance.

Site settings > SEO > Miscellaneous > Disable Subdomain Indexing

You’re welcome.

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Thank you!!! samliew.

Just wonderful!

Any way to do the opposite? My subdomain site is featured on and I don’t want to hurt those rankings with my domain copy.

If you are hosting your domain copy on webflow, no way to turn indexing off without affecting the webflow one.

If you have exported and hosting on your own server, create a robots.txt file with the following content:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /