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Newbie question - SEO & Webflow

I have a domain that is blacklisted by Google because it has too many bad backlinks. The SEO company we previously employed uses some kind of bad practice leading to this.

Now we decided to use a new domain, hence new website and considering to do the hosting within Weblfow and employ someone to do our SEO and SEM.

After reading some posts, I’m getting the impression that doing SEO with Webflow is a little difficult because there’s no full control to the site. Is this still holds true?

The company is trying to convince us the Webflow and SEO don’t mix well.


Hi there, I’m no SEO expert but will try to explain. In my opinion you actually have more control then other systems. If the designer/developer of your Webflow site knows what she/he’s doing you’ll have a site that’s mobile friendly and well structured, code wise. The sites loading times are really good with Webflow hosting. Then, in the editor you have access to meta title and meta description. It really can’t get any better.

Important SEO stuff:
Fast loading times
Mobile friendly
First heading and paragraph
Structured HTML5 code

Very important:
Meta title
Meta description

You get all this with Webflow.


Hi there,

I’m totally agree with @jorn. As SEO-Specialist I work for serveral years now with Webflow. Before that I worked with other systems (Wordpress), but Webflow is much better.

Ik work together with a (Webflow) webdesigner and before he start building I make a total URL site architectuur. Something he use to build the website and everything what I want (SEO-technical) is possible.

Also Webflow’s HTML structure is very clean. Something Google is watching for. And it makes your website loading fast…

And when you are looking at ‘on page seo’, everything is possible (SEO-titels, SEO-discriptions etc…).

Why is the SEO company trying to convince you to go working with a other system? Is this because they work with an other webdesign program? And so they want no switch?? When that’s the reason you must ask yourself or they are the wright company to work with…