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SEO for blog post

How can I create SEO for a specific blog post so that it shows up when key words are searched in google?

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Hello @Ashley_Janelle

Your question is quite broad but I think that you can start with this Webflow course about SEO:

Let me know if this helps.

I’m new to Webflow and JUST set up all my SEO. Perhaps I can help. Did you mean where? That would be under “Page Settings” of your “Blog Post Collection”


Then under SEO settings, reference the field(s) in your blog collection. It automatically populates it for each post.

Or did you mean, can you change it for one specific post?

hope that helps.

Thank you yes I meant for a specific post

The workaround I would suggest is add a collection field “alt meta” or something and reference it in the meta description. Keep it blank for all the other posts except for the one you want to change. Does that make sense?

not really. can you screenshot?

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