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SEO for Webflow blog posts help

Is there a way to make sure each individual blog posts are picked up in searches like google? Is there some SEO I need to enter somewhere?


You could / should add a meta description field to your posts. Then in Seo settings for the blog CMS template, bind that and your post name.

You may add additional schema in the custom code as well to further enhance the meta. Ensure you check it with a structured data checker if you do, Of particular importance is adding canonical like this

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

General reading on SEO optimisation for blogs is the way to go,

Hi where do I add this?


You need to write an attractive meta description for your website. Meta description is something that help people to find your blog easily.

Hope it helps!!

You have to add
<link rel="canonical" href="" />
into header section of your html page

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@Ashley_Janelle You can also request individual pages to be indexed on google, using Google Search Console.

Within Search Console, you can click ‘Sitemaps’ and inspect urls to find more info, see if they’re been indexed and so on.

can canonical be added programmatically, we don’t need to paste in the link every time do we?

The webflow CMS api is just that. You can only add dynamic values to the header custom code section of CMS based pages. So to the best of my knowledge it is manual for standard pages.

However there are options worth exploring such as using Tag Manager or javascript. I haven’t implemented these.

thanks @HammerOz I was talking about CMS posts though, not pages. Is there an easy way to dynamically put in the page URL without using the method that webflow suggests here: . (See #7) . The problem with this method is that if you are making a blog for a client you can’t be sure they will always add in the link and they really shouldn’t need to, it’s such a trivial thing to program.

actually I think i figured it out, incase anyone else wants to do this, not sure why it’s not recommended on SEO essential guide, but instead of making a field that someone needs to maintain just put this into the head: <link rel="canonical" href="https://hardcode-your-site-url/((insert SLUG here dynamically))" />

make sure your site url includes the full path to the blog, for me it’s https://condensed/blog/ then choose slug from the ‘add field’ link above the textbox.

voila, no need to maintain anything!


Yep, that’s it! Sorry I was on pages bandwagon!

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anyone who is reading this after October 2020, it’s important to note that Webflow has added this functionality natively, so you should go back and remove the suggested code above so it’s not duplicated on your page:

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