Specific SEO & OG values for a CMS item


Is there any way for a specific CMS item of a collection of having a different SEO & open graph setting from the other items of its collection ? Kind of the way we can add conditions in the designer if current item has specific CMS values…

It’s a bit in the same spirit as this older post I guess : SEO for blog post

Thanks !

Hi Dorian,

Of course you can.
If you got to the collection page template settings, you can add any text field as the meta title, meta description og:title and the og:description, and any image field as the og:image.

@avivtech Thanks, but what I meant is having 1 exception for a specific item that wouldn’t use the regular way of writing SEO & OG content. I already have set those settings for the template but I have a first item of this collection which is a tutorial and has the name “start” therefore I’d like it to not behave like the rest of the items…

Maybe you should consider taking it out of the collection, no?
Use the same structure and classes, but have it as a static page…

I’ve considered it but since I use pjax for this page… I wanted everything to be part of the same collection.
Here’s the page if you’re curious : Start - Fiche métier et salaire

It’s kind of a fake mini-app where you choose a job + seniority level to get the wage range you could pretend to in France.

Can’t you add the page manually to the pjax?

Yes, I guess you’re right, I’ll probably end up doing this

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@pepperclip did you ever come up with a better solution for this? I have lots of collections created where I’d like to have an SEO strategy for each of them separately opposed to a blanket thing. Would also prefer not to make each it’s own page haha lmk : )

If each has a different strategy you’d better use the CMS with fields for standard Open Graph / SEO and maybe custom code in page for the things that are a bit more advanced ? I’m no expert on these subjects tbh.