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SEO Expert Needed

I am looking for an experienced SEO professional that can help build out our SEO strategy. Please contact me if interested.

Hi Jalvin, send me your website link so I can find out what is needed to get you ranked for you top key words.

Talk to you soon.

We also take care of SEO, let me know how we can help.


We are looking for professional help ;o)
We need seriously SEO on our site
Today it is not ranking at all, so there should be enough to work with.
Anything you would feel comfortable to undertake?

Best regards
Mikael Sejersen

Depends on the keyphrases you are targeting… but you are ranked.

Your domain itself contains the 3 main keywords in your field.

With that… from my location - you are on page 2… position 8…

… so 18 out of 342,000 - so that particular keyphrase.

Plus - your domain is only a few months old.

So you are saying that we are doing okay and not much can be done?
What are the 3 main hey words you are referring to?
What is your location if I may ask?

So you are saying that we are doing okay and not much can be done?

There’s a lot that can done. The problem is… it costs a lot more money than people think. And can afford.

What are the 3 main hey words you are referring to?

Airborne. Lidar. Mapping. It’s in your domain name. Having the keywords in your domain does help. Not as much as content…

What is your location if I may ask?

Atlanta. USA.

Could you give an indication on what a “lot” is?
You might be right, but on the other hand it is an issue that is important to us.

I’m sure you already know and understand “the typical response”.

Every client is different. They have different needs. They have different expectations.
And more importantly - They have different competitors.

In general…

You are looking at about $1000 to $2000 to do complete site audit. To identify:

  • who and where you really are (in the Search Engines)
  • where you really want to be
  • who’s currently in-between you and where you want to be
  • how and why your competitors got to where they are
  • how to over-take your competitors SE positions
  • how to stay at the top of the results

Even though Google says - “it’s about viewers”. That’s a crock-o-bullchit.

It’s all about “— what Google ‘thinks’ — about your site”.

If you own LinkedIn or Facebook (etc) then Google already knows you are an authoritative site

  • and they will automatically send you traffic.

If you are like 99.999% of the other websites out there…

  • you have to “make Google think” you are an authoritative website
  • and if Google does (think you are an authoritative website)… they will start sending you traffic.

And You know… for Youit's all about traffic.

When the traffic starts… then you become like the other “99.998%” of the websites out there.

The strategy here is “rinse and repeat”. Find what works. Find out why. Repeat it.

  • then you become like the 99.997%… etc. Rinse and Repeat… “99.996%”

This takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. There is no quick fix in this process.

Well... there is one...

The numbers is what you are looking for:

You are looking at about $1000/mth to monitor and adjust the site to the needs of the Search Engine.

That’s every month… forever. So right there - $12,000 a year to monitor (where you are at in the Search Engines).

What this entails… daily monitoring of your site as compared to your keywords / keyphrases in relation to your competitors. This is really what you are paying for.

In short… If you adjust your site and traffic increases… you find out why the adjustment increased traffic. The traffic “didn’t just arrive” - unless people know who you are… the traffic probably came from the Search Engines.

Once you find the adjustment… you do it again. Basically… you are “Greasing the Rails”.

To bring the cost of this down… you reduce the monitoring interval. For example - instead of every day - you monitor once a month. $1000 now becomes $250.

Then there's roughly $250/mth for content creation. Every month. Forever. That’s $3000 a year.

The Content Creation part entails creating a monthly article. A real article. Not some Fivvr or spun crap copied from the internet - written in broken English… or Danish.

Search Engines “eat” content. Articles… basically information is “Engine Food”.

And like any animal… when it find food - it will return and return and return - until there is no food to eat.

That’s why the cost of SEO are “forever”. You have to keep monitoring how much food / and why - the food is being eaten. And you have to supply more food.

Excluding the Site Audit… that’s $15,000 US a year. Every year… or about $1250 US a month. Every month.

To hire a full time employee (FTE) to do this for you… would cost you about $80,000 US a year.

As I’m sure you know - cost is relative. If you are a “huge congloberation”… it’s more likely you can afford $80k.

If not… then like I said in a previous post. Most people cannot afford “real organic seo”.

Now the short cut.

As with the real world… you can always buy your way to the top through Adsense ads.

If you have a fixed budget… Google (and Bing) will guarantee you a set amount of traffic.

It’s your job to convert the traffic in sales.

If you go this route… I would recommend you hire a specialist… just like for SEO.

It will cost you about the same… except

If you kill your advertise budget… guaranteed traffic stops immediately.

SEO is forever. … unless you become irrelevant.


So you are saying that we are doing okay and not much can be done?

What are the 3 main hey words you are referring to?

What is your location if I may ask?