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Ranking product on Google (SEO Advice)

I have 3 Amazon products that I want to promote to the first page in the Google search engine. Looking for someone professional who has experience in such a service that can work together. Any advice? Thanks!

I can help.
You can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin or so that we can discuss this further.


  1. There is Amazon SEO best practices that you can google.
  2. The #1 way to improve your ranking of an Amazon product off Amazon would be to build content and grow quality backlinks.

I’d be happy to help.

For immediate results, If you want to promote on first page of google, buy high intent exact and phrase match keywords on AdWords, and always be testing ads. Best converting ads usually have benefit(s) based ad copy.

For SEO, you’re going to need to define the scope of keywords you want to hit and gauge competition.

Optimize your website for Google Search Console and periodically check semrush, woorank, gtmetrix as well (like once per month). Higher search console score will work in your favor.

Use event tracking to track number of clicks to your amazon listing via GA event tracking.

Get a vanity amazon url, for example

Make sure your amazon listing has keyword(s) in headers and descriptions.

Create a rtf listing with bullets paragraphs and intelligible formatting.

Upload clear images and tag the images accordingly, containing keyword(s).

Create product variant(s) for your 3 products for more sku asin page accessibility, perhaps you have a variant that caters to a difference niche keyword.

Research industry specific backlink sources or directories and submit your links ONLY to 3-5 reputable links related to your industry hosting, (any more than 5 are usually diminishing retrurns or lously juice) this is time consuming to research, so maybe hire a seo consultant to assist you with backlink building.

Create a priority notification system for HARO ( if a query contains your main keyword(s). Talking to these bloggers, artists, editors, and media content creators are good ways to build both your Klout and organic backink juice. Practice good salesmanship to get good juicy backlinks.

Optimize your amazon reviews, for better ranking potential.

ABC - always be compliant with copy

Get at least organic 100 followers each on youtube fb insta snap linkedin each (if applicable, more the merrier).