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Professionnel SEO help

We have a site ( made in WebFlow.
It gives a lot of opportunities and flexibility to be able to edit and change it ourselves, opposite to having a bureau dooing the site. But it does give one large problem. I can’t find anyone to do the SEO.

We do not want to go into the deep jungle of SEO but want someone (more clever that us) to do it.
Problem is that all bureaus wants to use there one platform for the page, which I can fully understand, but then we can no longer use webflow.

Question: Anyone here doing professional SEO on webflow sites, or do someone know someone?

I would hate to leave the flexibility we have with webflow.


If you want to do SEO for your website then you can contact on this ID:

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We have built and maintained several webflow sites with SEO results ranking on the first page. If you want to get in touch we can definitely help boost your SEO. Shoot me an email and we can help you out,