"SEO San Jose" Keyword help

Hello everyone, I need your help, I am working for a company “Frisco Web Solutions” (http://www.friscowebsoft.com). I want get rank high on the keyword “SEO San Jose”, Although the website is ranking at the First page of Google, but I want it to rank on #1. So, Could anyone suggest some more tasks that I can do for the website. I am already posting articles and blogs along with sending guest blogging requests. Please give your suggestions.

Perhaps to work alongside a larger publication. 1 Article from something like Entrepreneur.com can really add a boost of traffic and in return usually a boost in your SERP.

Second, produce longer content, more content that’s free and actually useful to your user. Most #1 pages in Google have over 1800 words on the linked page.

Learn how to complete a comprehensive website audit with a tool such as Moz…or hire a freelancer :slight_smile:

Hello Lisa,

First of all, it’s funny that you ask SEO advice for a company that itself is specialized in SEO :wink:

Furthermore, I have briefly reviewed the website. What I notice is that the URL Structure (Site Architecture) is not constant, which makes the website less relevant to Google. And if you want to be better on “SEO San Jose”, this combination of words will need to be returned to url structure, texts and blogs.

For more advice? Hire a freelancer :wink:


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Is your website has only 1 keyword. Or you would like to rank this keyword only "SEO san jose’ to no-1?

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Hi @george12

Are we on the forum to promote our own business or to help each other? :wink:


Helping should be the prime thing.

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That’s a fine line there…

As an SEO company… (notice I didn’t add a link)

  • I’m still curious why OP is offering SEO Services (on their website)
  • while asking… how to get better placement / ranking with the term SEO San Jose ??

Does OP not realize this forum is indexed by search engines ?..

  • and (potentially) anyone searching for “SEO San Jose” could find this post ?

or is OP intending to offer reseller services ? (ie: OP is actually a marketing and reselling SEO services for someone else)

If that’s the case… I know several companies that offer white-label reseller services.

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As an employee of a web solution, I don’t think you don’t have an Idea on how you can get on top of search engine. It’s worth enough to put a business running web solution that have a professionalism on that field. And it seem your client will be wasted of their money. :grinning:

Local SEO - add Schema.org JSON-LD > local-business-schema markup - Add custom code to the head:

Or by generators (Google it - you find a lot):

Google official:

This is for better in-page SEO site (This is not whats move your site rank to #1)

After you added the code - check her the results (by URL / or copy-paste source code)

SEO Bay Area and SEO San Jose are competitive and have to to do more.