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Send custom email for purchase of select items

I offer two product types on my site, a digital download and tickets for Zoom events. I’d like to send customers who purchase tickets to my events confirmation emails with link to the zoom events automatically. How so I set this up? I was looking at using Zapier but the Webflow actions are limited to new orders, not orders of a specific category. Do I need to do something like setting up one Zap to capture the new order, put it in a spreadsheet then another Zap that reads said spreadsheet and sends an email?

I ended up creating a zap with some filters. Seems a little clunky TBH. Is there any way to control this within WF?

I agree. This is sorely needed. Can’t even customise the notification body text in WF.

I could create customised notifications this within my email client (Front) if Webflow thought to include the customers email in the notification store owners receive, but nope. Such a simple thing, it should have been implemented from the get go.