E-commerce emails

Current e-commerce emails customization options are disappointing .This is important because every touch point a brand has with their customers should be optimized to create a unique experience. What we have now is very limiting and only hurts the brands image. Any updates to this issue?

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Hi @jasny_lindor.
Josh with Foxy here. Emails are hard in general. Even harder when allowing users to visually design them. Have you considered handling email receipts outside of Webflow Ecommerce (ie: via Zapier or Make)?

Also, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration: https://foxy.io/webflow Email are 100% customizable with your own html/css/logic. You can even design your responsive email in another software (ie: Mailjet’s email designer), add the needed placeholder Twig tags and import into Foxy.

Also, it’s possible to set up conditional email logic (ie: notify specific people when certain products are ordered or conditions are met.

Hope this helps some. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started with Foxy: hello@foxy.io