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Can I customize ecommerce emails

I need an ecommerce email that just has details of an order (the items ordered, and the person who ordered it), not necessarily all the pricing info or the button to fulfill the order.

Is it possible to customize the output of a particular ecommerce email, or is it possible to simply add a new email template?


I second this. I would love to be able to add custom fields to the e-commerce email receipts.

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oh yeah. The feeling of not being able to fully customise something inside the designer! I just want to change to taxes to GST… for now

Any updates on this field ?
It’d be great to be able to disable emails if no further customization is possible in order to send it via other services…

Still no answer on this topic? I also need to automatically disable emails.

Disable automalic emails LOL

I also reeeally need the ability to disable email sending!

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Same here! Could you please make it possible to disable email sending or just let us fully customize emails. Would be highly appreciated!

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Hello :wave:

There is currently no immediate plan to be able to customise ecommerce emails beyond what you can already do in the designer.

As for disabling the emails, there is the option to turn off order emails in the settings, but this is only for order received emails and to stop Project Owners, Store Owners and collaborators from receiving them, the end customer will still receive a confirmation email.

If it’s the customer that you don’t want receiving the emails, please let us know your workflow and how you would benefit from not sending emails to the customer and I can forward them to our Ecommerce team as feedback.

Hey @magicmark, I’d really like more customization options for the emails and ideally, I’d stop the confirmation and fulfillment confirmation emails alltogether so I could replace it with a custom email flow managed through Zapier.

As for the fulfillment emails not being possible to turn off, this is terrible when you’re offering a pickup option and shipping. The customer has to receive one email saying thanks for your order, and another once fulfilled saying: “if you choose pickup, you can now pick it up” AND “if you chose shipping, we’re shipping it now” - in the same email!

Yeah, I think it would be great to have the option to turn off and implement this in a full replace scenario.

From memory you can’t turn confirmation emails off in shopify either.

Hey all.
Josh from Foxy here. For what it’s worth, our email receipts can be disabled. Also, you can setup custom emails and/or use our Zapier integration to do even more.

More information about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: We’ve got an unlimited free trial and offer free one-on-one onboarding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you get started.


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Josh, I’ve looked at foxy. Can we talk? Im at if you drop me an e-mail we can set up call?

Hey @Thomas_Christensen. Email sent. :slight_smile:


Hi @Susu / @Thomas_Christensen / @HammerOz / everybody else!

We heard you! In the Notifications panel in the Ecommerce settings, you now have the ability to disable emails from being sent to customers.


  • Dylan
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You’re a legend Dylan!


Good one wf! Might need this on a store in planning!

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@dylang while configuring this I noticed the Order Downloads notification. Is this for digital download products or (as I’m hoping it is :crossed_fingers:) to enable customers to download receipts of their orders? If so, how do I enable them to do so?

Hey @Thomas_Christensen - sorry about that :sweat_smile:that specifically will be for digital download products and not receipts.

Damn… thanks anyway! :slight_smile: