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See my New Webflow site

I just want to thank everyone in this lively forum for all their contributions. Webflow is a powerful web design tool have come to love. Just want to share this site I made some months ago, but didn’t have time to share here. This is it for your critique and comments:

interesting design.

there’s an issue with vertical text align for your titles… on every page.

easy fix though.

I would consider placing the titles at the top of the… no worrying about alignment then.

On some pages… some of the titles are hard to see… because of the background color.

The “page dots” on the right were not “totally intuitive” for me.

Someone new to the net may not understand… you need to click on “a dot” to change pages.

But… as i said… interesting design. I hadn’t thought about “doing it that way”. May borrow the idea.

Good job.

Thanks for your feedback would look into it.

Hi, nice site.

The theme and composition match the business quite well!

+1 regarding the page dots, from an accessibility and consistency perspective it was working well that you click the next dot to go to the next section - however the fact that clicking the same dot loses the navigation because another area is brought up isn’t consistent and even for me was unexpected and had to figure out how to get back. Now I know, however it wasn’t easy. Going into the quote area, again the dot menu is lost - I didn’t actually realise there was a menu button off to the right until I was trying to figure out how to get back to the homepage.

I like the style, particularly how the two words of the two tabs meet up! The animations are good too. There are some contrast issues on some of the titles - particularly the business world one which I could just see the word business.

Otherwise, nice work and hope the feedback helps

Awesome site! Love the design! How did you do the navbar on the left?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have since fixed some of your observations. Mostly oversight and CSS jumping around issues.

Great page with nice style and animations.
However I agree with the dots not being intuitive. I expected a possibility to scroll. And maybe that would be the best solution since the user would not be required to hit some small targets on the site. Also they don´t inform the user where clicking those dots will take you. Also clicking «Rosaworld Travel» on the menu when on another page doesn’t take you back to the index page but to the About Page is something I would have looked in to.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your observation. I wished Webflow had some nice tooltip widget I can add on the dots. But I would look into creating a custom tooltip myself. Thanks I will look at the Rosaworld link issue.