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My First Web Redesign. Please critique

Hi Friends, just did my first web redesign and i’ll appreciate your criticisms so i can get better.

The original is a template:

my redesign:

The faq section was a screw up as i didnt get the accordion effect right. i had to do a show and tell interaction but you can see the last elements overlap to the next section. Also i made a mess of some margins and paddings. But please tell me how to get better as i’m still learning and redesigning.

Thanks :smile:

Nice design.
Just to keep navigation accessible through the navigation, I would suggest you to make the navbar fixed at the top. As an alternative you can also create a 2nd nav showing only when scrolling down…

My 2 cents… But other than that, clean and fresh design.
Nicely done :wink:

Congratulations! :wink: Good job!

Few tips from me.

  1. Here is issues from using image: light white border around circle.

For create circle you can use simple div, give it background color and make border radius =50%

2 Check color of current link, now it is blue. I think you would want it green :wink:

3 For make hover effect (shades) more smooth, use Transition settings. You can add it when element in original state. You will see the visual difference :wink:

Good luck!

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Thank you very much, i was banging my head on how to make the nav bar more better, and you just helped. :slight_smile:

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Thank You Friend, there’s much that get lost in the head when designing :smiley: .I’ll implement these right away. :slight_smile:

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